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SINCE 2016

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Jean Pierre Borg Cuschieri is a filmmaker, who also enjoys photography.

Graduated with a B.A (HONS) Creative Media Production, whilst also taking filming jobs to further his studies.

Jean Pierre has been working in this industry for around 7 years, building up his knowledge, experience, client trust and keeping up to date with the newest technology.

Throughout his career he has been very fortunate enough to have worked both locally and abroad, for great companies and great people. Some of which include: FIDE, Gianpula, Żfin Malta, LEARND, Consolidated Biscuit, Voomquest, Portughes Laundry & Dry-cleaning, ARD Mediathek, Transplant Support Group, Gadgets, K&O Auto Detailing and much more.

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Our Services

Photography and Videography services are available! 

- Corporate
- Adverts
- Weddings
- Party After-movies
- Automotive
- Music Videos
- Behind The Scenes
- Food / Product

& Much more!

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